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welcome back to we head north

Hey there, remember us? A little spoiler alert, we are still here, we still love to share our passion for music with you – and yes we sound the same – more or less at least – but keep on reading to know more.

In 2021 we said “farewell” but what we ment was “see you soon”. Sascha left Germany to live in Austria. Marius left the band and we are very grateful that he was a part of the band – all the best dude!

So what does that leave us with? Breaking up, looking for new band members, founding a new band – or crossing borders! Daniel, Chris and Sascha decided to continue the journey. During the lock down we learned to compose and even rehearse in remote and hybrid setups. If that sounds familiar to you – it’s basically the same as working from home or in a remote setup – so why not take a leap of faith and do the same as a band?

we head north – alternative rock from frankfurt (since 2017) and vienna (since 2021)

So what does that realy leave us with? As a band of three the line up needed slight adjustments. Most notably Sascha switched from guitar to bass. With that also ours songs need to be reinventend – a great chance to revisit the material. Furthermore we recorded our parts for each instrument, so each one of us can play along to the “digital twins” of the others. In two sessions we lately played and recorded together in Offenbach.

In summer we will be ready to run the final take on our still in progress album with all the songs from 2018 – 2019. It’s a marathon, not a sprint.

and the best for last – new material is in the queue too

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