we head north

alternative rock from frankfurt & vienna

we head north
crossing borders

We are we head north, alternative rock from Frankfurt & Vienna. Living in Austria and Germany we stay connected through our passion for heavy to groovy music.


Same as in life, with our music we do not fear crossing borders. Our unique influences range from metal core to indie, sprinkled with punk and hard rock, seasoned with a pinch of funk and rap. Call it cross over or alternative rock, in the end we enjoy the pure freedom of exploration relying on our own inner compass.

In the end we are three friends that met in Frankfurt am Main to make music, compose, jam and essentially have fun.

After experimenting with some early infinity remains demos in 2016 and 2017, Daniel and Sascha decided to found a band in late 2017. After two auditions for bass and drums in the Kommune2010 (K2010) in Offenbach am Main the first line up of we head north was born. In 2018 we played four local shows in Frankfurt, Offenbach and Gelnhausen. In 2019 we played on the Museums Ufer Fest in Frankfurt. In 2020 Chris joined the band on the drums. After a private “farewell show” in 2021 at the K2021 Sascha moved to Austria in 2022. Yet Chris, Daniel and Sascha decided to continue the journey as the final line up – from left to right: Daniel (Guitar / Bass), Chris (Drums), Sascha (Bass / Guitar, Vocals).

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    Live Album out now!
    Seize the moment – so they say. In this case “they” were our good friend Julian Sajak who prompted us to be bold and made a diamond out of coal. So without any advertisement, anouncements, huge preparations or any master plan we decided to distil the very essence of our 2021 Farewell Gig (which actually […]
  • welcome back to we head north
    Hey there, remember us? A little spoiler alert, we are still here, we still love to share our passion for music with you – and yes we sound the same – more or less at least – but keep on reading to know more. In 2021 we said “farewell” but what we ment was “see […]

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