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infinity remains

Creativity, the liberty to express ones feelings, craftmanship, practice, hard work, relief, retreat – music can define you and you can define yourself through music. Music may be something you do to have fun or even be a part of your very being. Music connects people and has an impact on our lives.

infinity remains is a philosophy, a collective, a channel to share that connection

In 2014 I started to write songs under the fictional band / solo artist name infinity remains which actually was the demo name of the song “black clocks” of my former band Eyesolate. I found this name very fitting, as to me it represents something deep and constant in life – to me that is music. When we founded we head north in 2017 we intentionally did not call the band infinity remains as the name should stay with me (so to say).

During the lock down lose collaborations and idea exchanges with other musicians, producers and artists made me revisit the idea of what infinity remains could be. While I will continue to impersonate infinity remains I dream of it becoming a synonym for a collective or network of musicians, crossing borders, helping each other out and acitve exchange.

Through infinty reamins I would love to incubate collaboration, support and enable musicians, book or refer shows and also produce music.

Help me to promote the spirit, become a part of the collective!

Sascha is the singer and bass / guitar player of the band we head north, multi-instrumentalist and hobby producer. As the former singer of the band Eyesolate he was featured on the EP “the great red spot” and gained extensive stage and booking experience. In 2013 he was accountable for the booking of 4 shows for the Kommune2010 in Offenbach. Since 2021 he lives in Austria, close to Vienna and started to learn the drums and hone his recording, mixing and producing skills.

I love to connect with people, honest and open minded exchange of ideas and expressing myself through music.


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