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what is infinity remains?

You may have read the intro on the main page, you may have thought “well that sounds cool” or “what the …”. Eitherway you decided to click on this post – so let me throw in some words to further express what I feel infinity remains is and may become.

In 2023 as a non professional musician, full time employee and father of two kids, making and producing music is a challenge. Yet it is a challenge worth taking and investing as much time, passion, and sometimes money in it as possible. I guess that applies to many of us? Do we expect to become famous, signed up by a record lable, scouted or produced – most likely not. Yet something like a lable, a coach, a guide or just someone to talk to about the passion or frustration of playing and writing music may sound intriguing – doesn’t it?

Let me share my vision with you

So what is infinity remains – if you like it may become a network that is:

  • Your homebase for creative exchange
  • A lable that does not offer you a contract, but a sense of community
  • An channel to connect with like-mindend people
  • A booking agent that helps you find a nice location
  • Crossing borders…

Ok, that is a lot – yes I am neither instagram, nor summerian records and I don’t run a studio.

Let’s take baby steps first

Me and we head north are the ambassadors for this philosopy – infinity remains is our lable in a philosophic way. Already today we can:

  • Bridge the gap between Austria, Germany, Slovakia and even the Czech Republic (expanding our network here is wip but possible)
  • Deeply rooted in the K2010 Offenbach home to more than 40 German bands eager to rock stages
  • Write about our story as a band, as musicians, share opinions on gear, share ideas on our writing process
  • Recommend cool venues in Frankfurt
  • Promote music and bands of our friends

Stay tune for more if you liked what you read.

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