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Studio Diary // Day 0

Friends! It’s August the 11th 22 p.m., I am listening to The Ghost Inside – Hellfest 2023 – ARTE Concert and now jumped over to Nothing But Thieves on YouTube, the inevitable social media addiction has kicked in again! Eventough I tried to fight it – realy did and thought I won two years ago. This time all over again, even with an app password. Further more even a nice smart phone life hack I learned from Chris Hayzel – btw check out his great channel The Art of Sucking at Music on YouTube (of course!) – could not safe me. But why?


So where does this hipocracy even come from? And why the … can’t I stop browsing. Well my family and I purchased a soon-to-be-built house in 2020. Long story short we went trough a lot (!) of troubles. We finally moved in a temporary flat in 2022 expecting to move in any time soon. Today it’s 1 year in the temporary flat (2,5 rooms with 2 kids!), today it’s 20 months delay in total. So that’s why – I am compensating like hell. There is so much creative energy that keeps just piling up, fear, anger, impatience, you name it…

Turnpoint (imminent)

But today is also the day I got the call that is going to change anything. Finally we are going to move into the new house. In 7 to 10 days from now we will start the life we dreamt of. And this is where I want to start sharing this journey with you.

So this will be day 0 of my studio diary!

The Studio

Growing up in a flat it has always been my dream to live in a house one day. No neighbours in the same building. A big cellar, lot’s of space. I remember drawing layouts of fictional houses when I was a kid. A party cellar at first – a rehearsal room later. Some 20 to 30 years later this dream now will come true.

25m2 in a great rectangular 7m x 3,5m layout

So what’s it going to be. There are some 3D renders I did within the last 1,5 years (yes I had some time to spare). I now have a final layout on my mind. Half Studio / half lounge area with an additional central desk (for my day job I guess). Some early drafts:

Let’s keep things realistic. At first I can only work with things that I own right now. Lucky enough we were able to move the whole living room and work desk furniture from Frankfurt. And being blessed with a super suportive wife my brand new Mapex Armory 6 piece kit, as well as my last year purchased HX Stomp and Yamaha HS 5 will be a great foundation.

What’s next

Packing up and getting ready for the moval – eta 19th of August. I will keep you posted on:

  • drafting the final layout
  • making small (and big) orders
  • sound checks
  • planning of stage 2 (accoustic optimization, recording booth, gear upgrades, etc.)
  • Recording and rehearsing

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